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I'm an ex-navy radio man who is passionate about energy independence. I look forward to the day when all our power needs come from renewable sources.

The Kodiak Solar Generator

Portable solar has come a long way from the horribly inefficient and ill-designed devices of just a few short years ago, which were all too often more of a gimmick than a reliable and effective source of energy for daily use. With the increase in solar cell efficiencies, improved manufacturing …

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Off-Grid Solar Cabin for $2000

  When disaster struck LaMar Anderson he didn’t lie down and take it. His life-affirming, revolutionary response was to design and build what must be one of the cheapest and most liveable solar-powered cabins in the world. In true off-grid spirit, LaMar didn’t keep his secret to himself. If you’d like …

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Build the Fisher Solar Generator

Looking for a nice Solar Generator construction project for the Christmas holidays? You’ll find everything you need right here. Jim Fisher has designed a highly professional Solar Generator. His excellent videos show clearly how the unit is constructed. His detailed wiring diagram makes component connection as easy as pie. It …

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Opening up Sustainable Conversations with Strangers

You’d think having a bunch of people you’ve never met before in your living room would be a disconcerting occurrence.  But the reality is, that when you’re with like-minded people, even strangers become friends very quickly.  Emma Sutcliffe describes her experiences opening her sustainable house to the public. Last weekend …

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Google’s “Project Sunroof”

We’re in the golden age of solar power, when the technology costs have dropped to the point where it is equal or below those of other sources of energy–a situation known as grid parity. In the U.S., there are also a range of federal and state incentives to sweeten the deal. However, figuring …

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Living off-grid

Emma Sutcliffe shares her experience: We’re an average family doing everyday things.  The only difference between your morning and ours is that you’re probably pulling your power from the grid. It’s a beautiful thing, this grouping of parts and components that, when connected as a whole, creates a perfectly serviceable …

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