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Build the Fisher Solar Generator

Looking for a nice Solar Generator construction project for the Christmas holidays?

diy solar generator fisher

You’ll find everything you need right here.

Jim Fisher has designed a highly professional Solar Generator. His excellent videos show clearly how the unit is constructed. His detailed wiring diagram makes component connection as easy as pie.

  • It has 110 amp hours of battery capacity (2 x 55 AH AGM sealed batteries)
  • It can supply 400 watts of high quality 110V AC power from its pure sine wave inverter
  • It can be charged from up to 360 watts of solar panels via its 30AMP charge controller, or trickle charged from an AC float charger when stored away.
  • It has 12V socket and USB outlets for charging mobile devices.
  • Every conceivable safety protection¬†and monitoring device is built into the unit.

To make things even easier, we have compiled a shopping list that enables you to buy all the components from Amazon at best prices and low or no shipping cost.

Step 1. Watch Jim’s videos below.

Step 2. Download Jim’s circuit diagram here

Step 3. Download the list of components and/or See full component details in our Amazon Store here.

Step 4. Have fun and be prepared for your next camping/boating trip or power outage.

Step 5. Don’t forget to thank Jim for his help: email Jim here

This video shows how the unit is constructed:

This video show the solar generator in use on Jim’s boat:

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