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Revolutionary Solar Cooker

Product of the Month – GoSun Sport Solar Cooker Take the Kitchen out in the Sun! Solar cooking has been around for a long time, but this fusion of tradition and technology is a real break-through. The GoSun Sport is the latest evolution in Solar Cookers. It can cook a …

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YETI 150 solar generator DIY project

Here’s a nice easy solar generator diy project. Let’s clone the Goal Zero YETI 150, improve it, and save almost 45% on the retail price (currently $229.99). What’s in this device? The usual suspects, of course: AGM battery, 14ah  (we’ll upgrade it to 18ah) inverter, 80 watt  (we’ll upgrade to …

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DIY Solar Generator

Why would you pay $2100 for an 1800 watt Solar Generator when you can make it yourself for well under $1300? Let’s look at an example. This complete system from Earthtech Products uses the Xantrex PH-1800-GFP PowerHub (obtainable separately from Amazon at a price of $899.99), adds a 160 watt …

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Solar Power Generator

Problem. You want to go solar now, but a complete solar power installation for your home is outside of your budget at the moment. Even if you choose the DIY option to save money, the cost of solar energy home systems is expensive, and you are in for a lengthy and …

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