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DIY Solar projects.

Solar power companies are churning out new products all the time. The options for home solar systems are expanding exponentially. However, many of the products now on the market are overpriced, and put together from basic components which are available to consumers at relatively low prices. Do it yourself solar power is becoming a more and more attractive alternative..

The Handyman Advantage.

If you’ve got some basic tools and a some DIY mechanical/electrical skills, you can build your own solar power system, and save yourself a stack of money in the process. From a small, portable solar power system that you can take back-packing, to a full-scale off-grid power system that will provide all the energy your home needs, the options are many and varied.


Here’s our first project: build yourself a 2500 watt solar generator backup system and save more than $800 on the cost of a typical commercial unit. See it here.

Want to build yourself a nice portable solar generator? Clone the Yeti-150!

Want something a bit more powerful? Clone the Yeti-400!

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