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Five things active monitoring will tell you about your solar PV panels

Solar monitoring has moved into a new era. Gone are the days when monitoring consisted of a simple hourly graph showing how much energy your solar system is generating, leaving you to work out what the information meant. With the surge in solar system installations over the past five years, there is growing interest in performance and system quality. Choosing an advanced monitoring system gives home owners peace of mind and will save them money year after year, while retailers can offer maintenance support, energy efficiency, and system upgrades.

active monitoring screenWhat should you be looking for in monitoring solutions? Here are five things your active monitoring should offer…

1. Live data what is happening right now?

Advanced monitoring systems deliver live energy updates to a real-time dashboard every few seconds…

2. Performance check – how much energy your PV system should produce?

The Solar Analytics Smart Monitor uses local weather data to know exactly what your system should be doing and identify when you system is underperforming…

3. Useful information in the event of a fault

Active monitoring provides a precise comparison of a systems expected versus actual energy generated on a particular day, and details the reason for any underperformance

4. Useful data on energy usage and savings

The best designed monitoring will display easy to read live graphs that provide a full understanding of how and when you are using your electricity.

5. Support

Finally, an active monitoring service will be backed up by real people who care about helping you

active monitoring table

Off-grid systems can easily be degraded by improper maintenance. Manual monitoring is time-consuming and haphazard, especially if you are running multiple loads in varying weather conditions. I have memories of being shocked to discover that I had taken the batteries below their acceptable charge level, simply by missing a couple of checks. The peace of mind that an active system provides looks like a worthwhile investment.

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