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Revolutionary Solar Cooker

Product of the Month – GoSun Sport Solar Cooker

Take the Kitchen out in the Sun!

Solar cooking has been around for a long time, but this fusion of tradition and technology is a real break-through. The GoSun Sport is the latest evolution in Solar Cookers. It can cook a meal in 20 minutes. Using a revolutionary borosilicate vacuum tube, and an efficient parabolic reflector that doesn’t need constant re-alignment, it produces temperatures over 550°F / 290°C.

How does it work?

The Sport uses a compound parabolic reflector to focus all the reflected sunlight onto the central tube, converting almost 80% of the sunlight into usable heat.  The entire unit is foldable, enabling you to take it in a backpack or toss it into the RV for totally free outdoor cooking.


What’s in the package?

The package includes:

  • GoSun Sport Solar Cooker
  • Padded Carrying Case:
  • Free Spice Kit: 5 commonly used spices
  • Cleaning Supplies: Durable Towel and Scrubbies
  • Booklets: GoSun Cook-Book and Manual


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